You join the partner program of to earn online.

  Earn money from is the best platform to earn online.


      Everyone's dream is to earn online. The person who does not know at all about earning online also wants to earn online. If you want to earn online by reading this post completely then it is not easy. You may find it easy to earn from but you are requested without skill nothing is possible. Because sometimes the person in front uses his own way to impress you. You understand the work told easily. But while doing that work then you have to face many difficulties.

       We will tell you about earning from in this post. Along with this, will also try that you do not get impatient with this post of mine without thinking. You get complete information about We will try our best in this post to tell you about Still sorry for missing some part for you. is like a social news site. The way people share their thoughts on facebook, quora, tumblr, raddit etc. In the same way, you can publish your story on by writing it. receives over 60 billion traffic in a month. There are two types of people on

1- Firstly, there are those people who just like to read stories. Because all types of articles related to news, education, entertainment, health, technology, sports etc are available on That's why some people visit just to read stories.

2- Work as a partner on Along with reading, they also publish their stories. People who have joined the Partner Program also get paid for publishing stories. There are some rules for joining partner program which we have written below in the post.

        People reading stories on have to take membership for $ 5 for a month. Or he can take membership for one year for $50. People who become members by paying can read all the stories. If you register for free on, you cannot read all the stories. You can read only those stories which are published for free. gives a part of the payment it takes from its readers to those who join the partner program. is an ad free website. collects revenue only from the payments made by the readers. Now we will tell you about how to make work.


      Without any skill you will create your profile on Creating a profile is very easy. You can create your own social media account on through your email.

How to earn online from

      Earning from is very easy. You must have good writing experience to earn from You can write about the subject about which you have good knowledge.

  • If you have good knowledge of history then you can write about it.
  • If you have information about the treatment of health related problems, then you can also write about health.
  • If any strange incident has happened in your area, you can write about it and share it on
  • You can write about your success or someone else's success.
  • If you know how to motivate people, then you can also write a motivation story and post it on
  • Whatever subject you have knowledge about, you can write about it and share it on

How to post a story on

     If you post anything without cursing, you will not get success. Whatever you write, write very well. By writing well, whoever reads your story will feel good. If the reader has got real benefit from your story, then he will also share your story with other people.

      Whatever story you write must be in at least 1500 words. Because the longer your story is, the more time the user will spend reading your story. When will give you income, the more time the reader of your story is spending on your story at that time, you will earn accordingly.

   What skills are needed to earn online from

    If you want to earn online then you must have skill. There are many skills to earn online.


 Photoshop, Graphics Design, App Development, Web Design, Video Editing, Audio Editing, etc.

   You cannot learn all kinds of skills. If everyone learns which skill, then they will have to learn for a long time. It can also be difficult for you to learn any one skill out of all these skills. You don't even have the budget to learn. Or you want to learn a lot but you do not have both time and money. That's why we will also tell you the simplest skill to earn online by which you can earn online.

  One of the simplest skills is if you know how to write articles then you can earn online. We scared you a little in the very first paragraph. You must be thinking that I am wrong or right. It was necessary for you to write that paragraph with fear. Because if you had told me directly about earning on, you would have understood very easily.

      It is not easy only less than 10% people are getting successful to earn on That's why you cannot earn without skill. You have to publish at least 10 posts in a month on After that your follower count will increase. Earning starts after you cross 100 followers.

      You can write well about any subject only if you have to learn it first. You are on for the first time today. You don't know anything yet you want to write a post. It will be very difficult for you to write posts without information. That's why you are requested to read first then write. Writing a story on can make you successful only after that.

     If you already have good knowledge of reading and writing, then there will be no difficulty for you on It will be easy for you to have more than 100 followers by publishing posts continuously. Earning money on will also be easy for you. Because traffic comes from all over the world on The number of people reading your name and story will also be all over the world.

    When does earning start from

     It is not at all possible that you can start earning online on day one from anywhere. Many websites, mobile apps, and post writers claim that you can earn $ 100 or more online on the very first day from the platform we are telling. We do not make any such claim with you that you can earn online from on the very first day.

   There are some terms and conditions for earning online on You fulfill all those conditions only after that you start earning from

  • You must have more than 100 followers.
  • At least you have shared 5 posts.
  • Share your original written content only.
  • Never post by copying other's post.

     If you do not violate all the terms and conditions then you can earn online from

     To earn from, when you exceed 100 followers, after that you have to apply for partner program on After applying, keep publishing the post continuously. The better and more posts you share, the more your earnings will increase.

       You can write posts in any language on But the most studied language is English. If you want your audience from all over the world then write your post in English. By posting in English, your audience will be all over the world.

        We will keep sharing more ways with you to earn online. If you have got help from this post, then please share it with your friends. I request you to follow me too. Will keep coming with more posts to help you in the future. Thank you very much for reading the whole post.

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