Today we will share many information related to Adsense earnings. How much can you earn from Adsense?

       How much can you earn from Adsense? How much money is earned from Adsense? Why does a blogger fail? Today we will share many information related to Adsense earnings.


         When people hear about blogging for the first time, they are quite surprised. Because blogging earns more than $500 a day through Adsense. We are not saying this, many bloggers say so. The reality is that you cannot run your own expenses with the earnings of Adsense.

       By the time your blog is ready for earning, 98% people have left blogging. A new blogger waits for 6 months. You may have to wait even more than 2 years. It is not in everyone's capacity to wait for earning for so long.

      I am also a blogger and will not say that I am a successful blogger for earning. We have worked hard on our blog for more than 2 years. The total earning of 2 years on my Adsense account has been $16.27.


          Earlier traffic used to come from India on my website. Now the traffic of my website is also coming from English speaking and understanding countries. Ads do not appear on my website in those countries. Whereas on my website more than 400 traffic comes from America etc countries in a day. How can I agree that blogger can earn more than 500 dollars in a day.

 Can I earn more than $500 a day with Adsense? There are two ways to answer this question.

1- Earning this much is not easy.

2- To earn more than $500 your website traffic should be more than 50k in a day.

How much does Adsense pay for 1000 impressions?

       Many people have a question that how much does Adsense pay for 1000 impressions? This question is mostly asked by people who are completely new to blogging. Those who have a new Adsense account now, they also ask the question that how much does Adsense pay for 1000 impressions? In today's post, we will tell you in detail about this subject, please read the whole post carefully.

      Adsense may or may not pay on 1000 impressions. It depends on the traffic of your website. If your website traffic is from countries like America, Canada, Russia, Zimbabwe etc. then you can get $10 for 1000 impressions.

      But if your website's traffic is from countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Africa, Iraq, Nigeria etc. then it is difficult for you to get even $0.5 for 1000 impressions.

It will be difficult to tell you according to each country, but let me give a small example. The weaker the country's currency is against the dollar, the less you will earn.

   How much does Adsense pay for 1000 page views?

     How much money is earned on page views? This also depends on the number of ads shown on your one page. If you are sleeping 8 ads on one page. So 1000*8=8000 impressions go to your 1000 pages.

      Earning is based on the ad quality shown in your 1000 page view impressions.

     If your post is a quality content, then you get paid more than $ 40 for 1000 page views. If your content is of low quality, then even 1 dollar is not available for 1000 page views.

How much does Adsense earn on one click?

       It is not easy to understand either. CPC is available in different countries in different ways. In India the cpc is more than $0.30. And in America etc more than 2 dollars cpc is available.

       If we talk about low CPC, then 0.001 CPC is also available in Bangladesh, Pakistan and India. When you get 0.001 cpc, at that time you think that I should leave blogging.

     CPC also depends on the cost of the ad. If cheap ads are being shown on your website then you get less CPC.

     If you want to increase CPC then you have to write high quality content and do international blogging. If you are blogging only in regional language of your country then you will get very less cpc.

When does earning from Adsense start?

      If you have got the approval of Adsense today, then your earning will not start from today itself. To earn, you have to increase the traffic of your website. Even after increasing the traffic, there is no earning on your Adsense. Because Adsense keeps on creating many problems in front of the new blogger.

     As soon as the website traffic increases, Adsense puts an ad limit on your Adsense account.

      Your site is getting traffic from countries all over the world but Adsense will not show ads on your website all over the world.

      You get demotivated many times that I should quit blogging. Because when you don't get the result of hard work continuously, you become disappointed.

  That's why you are requested, please do not consider it easy to earn from blogging.

Why does a blogger fail?

   There is a lot of excitement when we start blogging. In the beginning, they work very hard. But when your hard work gets paid very little.


  • Smart people make money from Adsense by using wrong methods.
  • Those who do blogging honestly, they are not able to earn.

     I am sure this post has helped you a lot. Please follow me to read other new posts. Will keep coming with more great information for you.




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