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    You can earn money sitting at your home by writing articles. You do not need to go to anyone's place and ask for a job.

         If you are a writer then you can earn good money sitting at home. You have an interest in writing, in return for that interest, you start earning, it will be very good for you. Today we have brought some such websites for you, from which your dream of writing will be fulfilled and you will also earn.

          Remember, do not write your article in a hurry, if you write any wrong information in your article, then your article will not get any payment and your article will be rejected. There are some platforms where you will publish your article with wrong information but it will not matter. That's why write a good article by giving time.

Strong Whispers: $50 — $150

      You can write good articles on serious topics like social issues, environmental protection, maintenance of physical resources, world political changes, corporate greed, etc. If you can write, then you will get paid from $ 50 to $ 150 for an article.

If you want to create your account on strong whispers then you can go through this link.

Michelle Pippin: $50 — $150

    This website is looking for such articles that will take your business far ahead. This website needs such articles in which tips to increase earnings are written. If you have any such idea from which people can earn even more from their current business. You can write an article of at least 800 words on that idea and register it on Michelle Pippan website.

     If your idea is different and best, then you will get paid from $ 50 to $ 150 for 1 article. And your article will be delivered to a lot of people so that more people can increase their revenue with your idea.

There are some rules for writing articles for Michelle Pippan.

  • Your article should be a business idea only.
  • Your article should be different.
  • Your article should be clear in which the reader is not being misled in any way.
  • Your article should not be a big business enhancer. Your article should be understandable to even the smallest businessman.

   If you want to create your account on Michelle Pippan then you can go through this link. $100 — $200

     Here also you will have the same work, you can earn sitting at home. You have to write a good article of about 1000 words. Photos and articles related to that article have to be sent to the website admin. If your article is liked by the admin, then you will earn. You will get paid $100 when you send the first article. When you have sent 5 articles, you will get paid $ 200 per article.
How to write article for
  • Article should be more than 800 words.
  • The article should be funny because this website is made for laughter and happiness only. You do not have to work hard to write funny articles.
  •  To write a funny article, you have to explain the funny scan of a movie in a more funny style.
  •  Write about any funny video on social media.
  •  Write about any funny incident that has happened around you.
  •  A funny incident has happened in a big stage show and you have to write about it in a funny style.

       If you can write well then you will earn equally well. If you write articles in a hurry without thinking, then it is not possible that you can earn money by writing articles. Although sometimes your article may seem like a rhyme. Even if there is nothing good in your article, it gets ranked.
  •     Don't write articles to rhyme, whatever you write, write well.
If you want to create your account on then you can go through this link.

Quora – $100+ a day
       It is a social media platform where people ask questions on issues such as how to deal with a serious problem. If you can answer those questions, then write your answer as a comment. Quora will show your answer to many people. If your answer is good, people are getting help from your answer, then quora will spread your answer to millions of people. If your answer is getting upvotes, then an ad will be placed below your answer from quora. You will also earn from the ad.
       Or you can create your own space on Quora. You can create a space on Quora in the same way as you create a group on Facebook etc. Write good articles on your space. If your article is getting upvotes, then it will be delivered to millions of people. If your article is paid then whoever wants to read your article will first pay you something and then can read the article.
  • Write only true information in your answer or article.
  • Do not publish any kind of misleading post.
If you want to create your account on Quora then you can go through this link.

Watch Culture: $25 — $500

    The Watch culture website publishes articles on a wide variety of topics for its readers. If you write articles on entertainment, films, music, sports, etc., it reaches more than 5 million users per month. If you can write well on any one topic then you can earn from Watch culture website. You can get paid from $ 25 to $ 500 for an article.
  • The better your article is, the more you will get paid.
  • Your article should not be a copy of anyone.
  • Write only true information in your article.
  • Don't write any kind of misleading and promoting violence etc thoughts.
  If you want to create your account on strong whispers then you can go through this link.

Wow Women on Writing: $50–100

      This is a great website for women writers. Write as best you can on education. Women writers get good support on this website.
      Do not rewrite an old article in a new way. Whatever you write, write completely new and different. Your article should be more than 3000 words. If your article is good then you will get paid up to $150 per article.
  • Keep in mind, do not copy any article from any other website.
  • Your topic may be old but write new and in your own way.
  • The better information you can write in the post, the better it will be.
  • Write the post in such a simple language that the reader does not face difficulty.
  If you want to create your account on  then you can go through this link.

Blogger $100+ a day
     If you can write well then make a blogger website of your own. Publish by writing an article on the blogger website. Here your earning does not start from day one. You have to publish more than 30 articles. All articles should be unique. After that you have to connect your blogger website to any ad network. Whenever a user comes to read an article on your website, he will be shown ads on your website by the ad network. For which you will get paid.
  • The more articles on your website, the more traffic will come.
  • The more traffic comes to your website, the more you will earn.
  • Remember, do not publish misleading posts on your website.

       In this post, you read about earning money by writing articles. Earnings from all will be in dollars. All platforms handle your payment in their own way. Your payment methods include PayPal, wire transfer, account transfer, and more.
    You may be a resident of any country, you can create your profile on these websites. You also have to learn some skills. If you already have the skill of writing content then it would be great.

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