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          Everyone wants a job sitting at home, in which data entry jobs from home seem easiest. But do you know? Most of the scams happen in online data entry job only. Let us tell you some negative facts of data entry work from home in today's post.


     Lakhs of people have been cheated in online data entry jobs. Still you are not aware that means you are very stupid. You are also searching for online data entry job. Don't trust anyone without thinking.

      If you get work from home in which video editing, graphics designing, photoshop, content writing, these can be believed a bit. But you are looking for online data entry jobs, according to me 1% should not be trusted.

You apply for an online data entry job through any website or app. That application reaches the scammers.

Ø He will call you later.

  • Ø Will recruit you without any interview or skill.
  • Ø Will give you a project of online data entry.
  • Ø On completion of the project, your salary will be Rs 1000 per hour.
  • Ø You can also earn 10000 rupees in a day.


The salary of your work can also be different. Like per data. Or per seat. Or according to your one month target.


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At the time when you take entry in the company, there is also some entry fee. That fee can be different in different countries. The company in which you are taking entry has very smart people. They don't ask you for entry fee at the time of joining. The entry fee will be deducted when your first salary comes. Hearing such a thing, anyone gets impressed and joins the company.


  When the worker is given the first project of online data entry. At that time some guidelines are also explained.

  • Ø You have to do 95% of the project.
  • Ø 90% of the project should be correct.
  • Ø If you are not able to do this then your salary will not be generated.

If you are not able to complete any project of any online data entry jobs. At that time the company's manager etc. will instill a fear in you. Will tell you

  • vYou have not completed the project on time.
  • Ø The company has suffered a loss of one lakh because of you.
  • Ø This one lakh rupees will be recovered from you by the court.
  • Ø If you do not pay the fine, you will have to serve the sentence in jail.


       Those people will not let you think whether you are going in the right direction or in the wrong direction. You are also working hard continuously for 8 hours sitting at home. After one month you complete your project. Maybe he will give you a new target. Do not give the salary of the previous work. You are working hard on that target as well. After all, after one month you complete the work of another project.


         You have not received your salary for online data entry even this month. Because the person whom you have trusted and joined the data entry work is not the right person. This post is not imaginary, whatever I am writing is true. Lakhs of people from all over the world have done online data entry work. Maximum people have not received salary.


       You will be filled with fear in many ways. And you will be forgotten that you have to take the salary from your father for the hard work you have done. Ultimately, you leave your salary in panic or put the fine amount in the online manager's account.

       What you are thinking is that we have really caused loss to the company. It is not like that at all. The data entry work you have done is fake work. Joining the company is also fake. The only truth is that their business is to mislead people.


  • vAre you looking for real data entry job?

       Forget that you can get real data entry jobs. Even if you get it, then the company in which you have applied should be known to you. You are searching online data entry job without any identity. Do not search, you will regret a lot.


Why do people put so much trust in online data entry jobs?

  • Ø It is very easy to operate.
  • Ø Program once to do the same data entry, to some extent the data is also auto filled.
  • Ø Data entry job does not require much skill.
  • Ø You can do it from your home through laptop, computer.
  • Ø Apart from downloading and uploading the data, it can also be done offline.
  • Ø Online data entry is also easy.


     Through this post, you are not being pushed into the illusion that online data entry jobs are bad. If you have joined a right company then everything will be right. In this post only an attempt has been made to tell that you should not go on the wrong path. Many people are doing online data entry jobs, they are also getting salary on time.


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