quora earn money 2023, Earn money from Quora. full detail .

     Quora is a platform where you can earn money along with sharing your thoughts. Quora has many other meanings.


What is Quora? How to earn money from Quora?

       If you are a person associated with social media, then you must know about Quora. If you do not know about quora then read this post till the last. You will get complete information about quora.


v     In this post you will read.

ü What is Quora?

ü How to earn money from Quora?

ü Special features of Quora.

ü How to create Quora account?


          Quora is the largest social media platform in the world in my understanding. The most important thing about Quora is that it is different from other social media platforms. Where you will get more than one information. If you have good knowledge in any subject, you can also share.


        You can ask anything on Quora. Other quora users will answer your asked questions directly on your question itself. Quora is in many languages. You can become a quora user in the language of your country.

       Quora website calls itself a box of knowledge. It is absolutely true that quora is really a box of knowledge. Whatever information you want, you will get it on Quora.


      If somehow the information is not available on quora then you can ask that question yourself. Quora itself will show your asked question to other users. Whoever knows the answer to your question will tell it directly on your question.


        Another user asked a question on Quora. If you know the answer. You can write a reply to that user. If your answer is best then people upvote that answer.


      If your answer is getting upvotes then quora will show your answer to millions of people. Due to which millions of traffic will come on your content.



Quora feature.

      Quora is a platform where your content gets millions of views. You create your Facebook profile. On Facebook, you have to make millions of fan followers to get millions of views on your post. But you don't need anything on quora. All you have to do is write good content. And write such content that the user would like to read.


v     How to earn money on Quora?

       Who is there who does not want to earn money. Everyone wants to earn money. You waste your time on other social media platforms. You don't get anything there. Rather your time is wasted. But quora doesn't waste your time.

     You can also earn money on Quora. It is very easy, you just need to have a little knowledge.


v Quora is in several national languages. You can earn money only in English Quora. That's why you also have to become an English user on Quora. It's that simple. If you have created an account on quora in your language. You can become an English user from there.

     You are thinking why only English? This is because the traffic on English quora is highest. Regional languages ​​do not get that much traffic.

Rules to earn money in Quora.

·      You write posts on any topic.

·      While publishing the post, you want to reach other users for free or you can choose one of the two options by taking money.

·      If another user wants to read your post by paying money, then he will have to take a subscription.

·      You keep sending some of your posts to other users for free. Due to which the quality of your space will start to become.

·      Publishing free posts increases the number of people who subscribe to your space.

·      If you have one subscription on your space, then you will get the money of one. If you have more subscribers then you will get more money.

·      You have to keep posting.

·      Do not ask anyone to subscribe on your behalf. The one who will subscribe will do it after seeing your content.


     It is not even that you have created an account on quora English user, then you should know English. You can write content there in your own language

To earn money on Quora you

Ø Create a user account on quora through email. Creating an account on Quora is as easy as on other social media.

Ø 2- You have to select English language. Choose your profile name, country name etc.

Ø 3- Then you have to create a space. Space means group. Spaces are created on Quora just like the way you create groups on Facebook etc.

Ø 4- You can make space according to your subject. For example, if you have general knowledge, then you can name your space accordingly. If you are an expert in health and fitness, then you can create space accordingly.

Ø 5- After creating space on quora, you can monetize immediately.

Ø 6- You post on your space everyday according to your topic.

Ø 7- Any user will come to read your post. If the user likes the title of your post, then he will want to read it.

Ø 8- User will pay you money to read your post, after that he can read your post.

You are getting desperate to earn money on quora. But you seem to understand less than this post.


v     The loopholes inside Quora.

Quora is designed accordingly. The best information can reach the people. But at present the users on quora are forgetting that thing. The way people unnecessarily put photos etc. in the content on Facebook, in the same way there are such photos etc. on quora which have nothing to do with knowledge.

Like - a post that degrades any religion.

To portray a politician as an idiot.

Commenting on Prime Minister, Chief Minister etc. It seems like ignorance is being served on quora, not knowledge.

Writing photos, or articles promoting lies.

etc. There are many types of topics which are spreading ignorance even on quora.

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