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Monday, November 21, 2022

 How to create Adsense account?  When to get Adsense approval?

     Nowadays everyone wants to earn money. And wants to earn more money.


There are some people among them who want to earn money from Adsense by creating a website. welcome. Today we will tell you how to earn money from Adsense.


vYou will get this information in this post in this post.

Ø How to create Adsense account?

Ø When to get Adsense approval?

Ø Adsense Account.


  Today will tell you that of blogger. In how many days does it take to get Adsense approval? And how many clicks do you get. How many posts should be there on your blog, you will get the approval of Adsense. How much can you earn from blogger. Millions of such questions echo in your mind.


   Friends, first of all tell you. About creating Adsense account. Which is very simple.

v     How to create Adsense account?


   To create an Adsense account, you must have a website, YouTube channel. Adsense account is created very easily.

You must have an email id to create an Adsense account.

Ø If you do not have any website etc then you cannot create Adsense account.

Ø If you want to create your Adsense account. So click on this link.

Ø Understand more how to create Adsense account?

Ø First of all you create your website.

Ø You can build your website on any platform. After that apply for Adsense.


    After your Adsense account is created, connect your website to Adsense. Connecting website to Adsense is very easy.

      When you create your Adsense account. Every setup to connect the website will open in front of you.


       Friend let me tell you if you are not working hard on your blog. So you are of no use. In the beginning, you have to work hard for at least 50 posts, after that even if you reduce it. All the settings of the blog have to be fixed. Put keywords in your post.

   Keyword means any one line of at least three words has to be written at least 6 times in your post. As if you are writing a post about computer. So the word computer has to be used more and more.

Ø   When to get Adsense approval?

     Even when there will be more than 30 posts on your blog, it is not necessary that your Adsense account should be activated. You watch lakhs of videos on youtube in this cycle till now my account is not activated. It takes even six months for this Adsense to start, but don't worry. Keep posting don't worry.

   Before taking Adsense approval, you have to take care of some things very much.


Ø Before applying for Adsense, write a post on the same subject on your website.

Ø Your website must be at least 60 days old.

Ø Publish at least 20 or more posts on your website.

Ø Write all posts of at least 700 words.

Ø Write the title, headline of a post very well.

Ø Do not publish any post in two places. 

Ø Do not publish by stealing posts from any other website.

Ø Don't be in a hurry while writing the post.


     If you follow the rules explained above, then you will get the approval of Adsense very soon.


       Many a youtuber claim that your adsense will start in two days of making a blog. Bo just bites your ass by showing his videos whereas his own Adsense account is approved in 8 months. You can comfortably write a post with a great experience that attracts the reader.

     It is not necessary that you post two posts in a day, but post well in a week. And if possible, buy both the theme and domain name of the blog. Not much, it will cost you around one thousand rupees. Even if you take a free theme, but definitely take the domain name. This will result in profit in traffic on your blog.


     After getting the approval of Adsense, correct all the settings of your blog once again. Coding where you want to show the ad on your post. Coding the add on post is not difficult. Here is the link of whose video. Google does everything for you coding, only you have to paste.


  When ads start appearing on your blog, do not click on any ad out of greed for money. Otherwise your Adsense will be closed. Don't even share your post because Google's ass will explode, where did so much traffic come from? Whatever Google will do for traffic, you don't have to do anything. You just keep posting.


And also you will be best assisted just remember the name of our blog.


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